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WalkDaBeat is a brand which is the product of a CEO who is very passionate about making music, and guiding others to success.
Years ago, this started as a company created with the mission to help and motivate others to get on a path of music.
The impact of music has been felt all round the world and this is just our little way of making a contribution to the phenomenal music industry. We are eager to give you beats that will bring your music to your desired limelight and into fame.

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I am a music professional specialising in electronic music production and sound design. Close to a decade ago, I started my music career with nothing but the determination to make my mark in the music industry.

So far, with a lot of inspirational ideas and my inbuilt passion for music, I have succeeded in making and selling beats, while still towing a lot of upcoming artistes on the path to actualizing their dreams.

A keen motivator, my love for mixing beautiful beats sees me crafting unique and special new sounds that a lot of music lovers can use in their productions.

These have also attracted the attention of several high profile musicians around the world. My beats reflect my zeal to help and motivate others to get on the path to following their dreams. No matter their career choices. Hip Hop to classical, I love them all.

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