Everything You Need to be A Music Producer (Beginners Guide)


Welcome to the ultimate guide for everything you REALLY need to start producing and making hits.

So you’ve decided to become a producer.

In this guide I will go over everything you need to start your journey as a music producer music creator to start making beats and get you on your way to becoming the next Metro Boomin. Its not the easiest career choice and not always the funnest but if you really love making music or maybe you don’t know yet and just want to try it out then… 

Hopefully this will help you get started!

Now if you’ve made it to this point that tells me you have been thinking about it and are ready to jump into getting started, but first let me go over some pro’s and con’s I have experienced with my time being a music producer.


1) The Passion of the People

The music industry is full of enthusiasts who have an immense passion for music and spend every moment of their lives immersed in it

2) Being in Control

If you’re the type of person who resents working for “the man,” music production could be your dream job.

3) Perks

The music industry has its perks. If you’re lucky, you might also find yourself rubbing shoulders with the likes of record label executives, famous musicians and celebrities.


1) Competition

While there are clear advantages to the lifestyle associated with being a music producer, you’re not the only one who has had the same idea.

2) Work

This one ties right back in with competition. You have to put hours on hours into producing music and you need 1000% patience because you will not start out making hit beats.

Now if you have not gotten scared off yet then lets get into the equipment and everything you will need to start this journey.

First lets go over equipment:

Now i’m sure you’ve seen all the fancy studio setups and it gets you daydreaming. like this one…


Sadly, you better keep daydreaming because unless you have about 100,000$ your studio is not going to look like this for a long time. Starting out as a beginner it will probably look something like this..


In this image you will also find the very basic equipment you will need when starting your new journey as a music producer / music creator. I will give a detailed list below.

List of Equipment you need:

(I have spent hours on hours researching and finding the cheapest yet the best products so you don’t have to)

1) Computer/laptop: I know this might seem quite obvious but yes all music today no matter what genre uses computers to process, mix, and create these hit singles. I myself used to use a very cheap laptop from Walmart that cost me around 300$ but later I started to need a faster and more powerful one for my needs. However, starting out the cheap one will do for now

(I Recommended  getting a better one later down the road)

2) Speakers: For speakers you can be a bit generic and cheap as well. Personally I would recommend a pair of Logitech’s for about 40$ at Best Buy/Walmart. Now you may be asking why cant I just use the laptop speakers or a pair of headphones? I would not use either of these just because you will find that the sound during the mixing/mastering stage of making your beats/song will be different due to pre-mixing on headphones and built in speakers.

3) Midi board: For the midi board, technically it’s not a need BUT.. I highly recommend getting one for a couple of reasons. For one it makes you look like a badass producer! haha, just kidding. Seriously though it helps a lot when keying in notes and playing out chords and melodies. You can do this on the computer, although its not nearly as efficient or make you feel like you’re really making music.

The one I use is the (Alesis v25 25-key) 

4) Audio interface:  Now this item Is a huge must have. In simple terms its helps process those huge audio files while you’re doing the front end mixing, mastering, and creating. They can be quite expensive however the best one I would recommend and use would be the Focusrite Scarlett Solo (2nd Gen). This one is very powerful and widely used + simple to use and set up. You can order it from amazon here Focusrite Scarlett Solo (2nd Gen)

That pretty much covers everything as far as equipment goes but you still need more..

Now that you’ve got your equipment you will need the software to create your beats and plugins to use that will be really helpful in your process. I can cover more on the exact plugins to use in a later article but for now lets stick with the basic needs. Which is a DAW or (Digital audio workstation).

This is where all the magic happens!


For the DAW I would keep it pretty simple. 1 of 2 options. If you’re on windows use FL studio for beginners and if you’re on a Mac use Pro Tools. There are many DAW’s out there however the most simple yet these are the most efficient ones to use.  Links to these are below.




I hope you found this article helpful, if you did please leave a like and follow for more. Also check out some of my other articles for more tips and guides on your music career.

If you feel like I missed anything please let me know in the comments below or contact me for more info!


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