Make Money from your Beats (Beginners Guide)

make money from your beats online

So you want to start making money from your beats?

If you’re asking this question either you are ready to make money from your beats or you’re wondering if its even possible. Well it is. In this guide I will go over all the possible ways to make money from your beats, and which ones I would recommend because some are better than others.

There are many ways to make money but I will go over the best ways that I know and ways that I actually use myself.

Before we jump into this guide I want to let you know it is not easy and will take a lot of time and effort but once you do start making money off of work you put in, if gives you an unbelievable feeling. It does pay off in the end if you’re willing to put in the work.

The first and most obvious way to make money from your beats is placements. Now placements can also be the HARDEST way to earn money and you probably wont earn money this way until you’re a pretty decent producer.


To earn money with placements you need to network with artists and you can do this many ways, some of the most basic tools I have found is Instagram. Just DM an artist you find and wait for a reply. Now this way doesn’t always work however some tips.

When using Instagram to DM potential artists as a starting producer you want to shoot low because most likely your favorite artist with those millions of followers is not going to see your message and if they do I doubt they will be willing to work with a low name producer.

Make money with your beats from beat placements

What I like to do is shoot for about 5-30K followers. I have found that artists in this range are actually pretty decent and they are more apt to respond and actually be willing to work with you which in most cases you’ll exchange a few messages and then get their email.

This is the key part. Once you have their email add it to a list and store all emails you receive here. That way when you have a list of 20 beats to send out you just go down the list adding in artists (Yes its okay to send the same beats to all of them)If you would like more in depth info on how to get placements check out this post I made on how to get placements as a producer below..

How to Get Placements as a Producer (Beginners Guide)

The Second best way: SELL THEM!

The biggest way to make money from your beats has never been easier. There are many ways to actually sell your beats. Connecting back to the first part (Placements) would be one way. Once you have connected with your artist you can list prices to sell your beats in the email with the beats you send.

Alternatively in my opinion I would get a beat selling website going because this way you have links to post on your social media and to share with anyone so that a potential customer can shop from all your beats instead of just the ones you send them.

Make money from your beats by selling them

Now your’re probably asking “well how do I get a website to sell them?” and its simple I promise. I have found the best way is to use a website like SELLFY and they have a couple different packages you can buy. If you’re just starting out which you probably are if you’re reading this then I would just start with the basic one which is 29.99 a month. I have looked around at many sites and this is the best and least expensive one I could find.

My sellfy store If you want to check it out or shop for beats (Walkdabeat Store)

With this Sellfy store all you can do is upload digital products under no categories or posts so some options you could use if you want to sell more than just beats is opening up a second Sellfy store. However what I do is just sell beats and I link it to the homepage of this blog site.

If you want want me to go over how to set up your online store comment below or contact me directly for specific questions I would love to help.

The Third Way: YOU TUBE!

YouTube can be quite tricky when it comes to posting beats/instrumentals. For one people can just use (you tube to mp3 converters). However it is up to you to list your beats as free vs just listing them. If you list it as free its going to get downloaded for free but if you list it as just a beat you can include leasing options and prices in the description.

Check out one of mine for a reference

I personally only upload a handful of my beats but using you tube can be a very powerful tool as a Music Producer/ Music Creator. I like to think of it as double dipping because for one people can listen to the beat to see if they would like to purchase it which would result in a sale plus just because they watched the video it counts as a view and if you get enough views you get paid even if no one buys it.

The Fourth and final way ill cover today: START A BLOG!

Now you may be thinking “I’m not a writer” or “That will never work”. I used to think the same way but at some point you just have to do everything you can do. This way can be the hardest and the longest to get going, however if you do it can be an extra tool in the shed to be used.

With a blog there many ways to make money with your beats.

The simplest way would be to write articles about topics that tie into the music world and find a way to link your beats and your sites together.

The first way being people viewing your content will see ads on your site which will generate revenue for you. Also, these people viewing are potential customers that may want to buy your beats or products you sell along with generating views on your you tube channel which would result in money.

Now this article is about how to make money from your beats so I don’t want to cross over into the Creating a Blog realm, but if you want more information on this topic comment below or contact me directly! I would love to help.

Make money with your beats by starting a blog


As you can see this is just 4 ways you can make money from making beats/ being a producer. If you take only one thing away from this article let it be this.. GET STARTED!

You can always say awwh ill do it tomorrow or ill start it later. Later turns into never because you get discouraged about it. Its not going to be easy but you can do it I promise!





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