How to Get Placements as a Producer (Beginners Guide)

How to Get Placements as A

Producer (Beginners Guide) 


So you want Drake on your Next beat aye?

Well sadly, you’re not going to start out at that level. BUT, in this guide I will go over some ways that you as a Music producer/ music creator can get started so that one day you can have your name on those major albums. Here are a 10 ways to get your beat placed on albums. The Beginners Guide.

Just remember no one started at the top of the mountain. Its always a Climb.

Lets get started

First off : Create good Music!

This probably seems so obvious but I get people all the time trying to get placed but their very amateur. Don’t just start out making beats and throw something together then start sending it out to artists.. your beats are not going to be used.

Master your art before showing it off

Take your time with your music and perfect each and every beat/song you make. Then add it to a list until you have about 20 ready then send them out to all your artists.

Second : Do your research

NEVER stop doing research. There is always something else to learn to give you that one step advantage over someone else and that is all that’s about 90% of what the music business is.. (competition). If you have that one step over someone else that makes you one step closer to getting that placement and you getting PAID!

Third : Network

A Huge Factor of the music industry is all about the people you know. If you’re best friends with Jay-Z and you send him a beat do you think he would chose you or some random guy who sends him one. Most likely its going to be you!

Constantly reach out to people and ask if they know any other rappers and be sure to add all their emails into one list to make sending them beats easy. Soon enough you’ll have a pretty decent list and start getting your placements.

Fourth : Go to the Artists!

If you already live near them awesome! But most likely you will need to commute a little and you’re probably thinking “Its not like i’m going to meet them”. For you never know and 2 its more about social status. Ways you can do this is to post pictures tagged with locations and visit locations your favorite artists are known to visit. You may just bump into them!

Fifth : Visit Studios

This ties back in with #4, you never know who you might run in to. If you frequently visit recording studios you will become known which could lead to other stuff such as getting referrals or even meeting a bigger name artist willing to work with you. It will also give you experience on behind the scenes of the music recording industry. Its not all fun and games.

Sixth : Confidence 

When learning how to get placements always stay confident about your work. Trust me it shows. If you don’t really think your work is that good why would any other artist. Promote your work as if its the the best work you’ve ever done even if its not the best. Don’t be cocky about it because there is always ways to improve, people understand that.

Seventh : Social Media

This one is huge because its almost like social proof. Even if you don’t have millions of subscribers if you stay active it will show and people will notice. One of the first things I check when meeting new people I want to work with is their social media. It will also keep you up to date on the latest hits and whats going on in the world at the moment, as well as giving you an idea on if you should really work with this person or if they might just waste your time.

Eighth : Be patient

This is not going to happen over night it could take days, weeks, or even months before you start seeing results. The major key here is to have patience but DON’T give up. The only way to truly fail is to quit. I Promise you will see results if you just keep working on it.


If you truly want to get placements with your beats, you can not give up because once you do that’s when you really fail. You will get a lot of no’s but you will also get a lot of yes’s. Every placement you get is just more social proof for bigger and better artists to work with you.

Tenth : Start Small

Nobody started at the top of the mountain, its all about the climb. Start with low name artists and build a client base. Every song you do with someone is another asset to show other artists what your capable of. Eventually you’ll have a name for yourself and a list full of songs to show to those BIGGER and BETTER artists.

Nobody started at the top of the mountain, its all about the climb. 


I hope this article helps and if you found it useful comment below or if you think I missed anything I would love to hear your thoughts. Good luck on getting placements.

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