Millionaire Music Producer – What it Really Takes

The Millionaire Music Producer

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The music industry offers a lot of interesting career choices to individuals who have the skills and flair for it. Aside from the music artistes who enjoy all the headlines and attentions from the press and the fans, there are a lot of other power players who play major roles in the industry.

In fact, without the work of these behind the scene casts, you wouldn’t have been able to dance to dance to the rhythms of Bob Marley’s ‘No woman no cry’ or witness the energetic displays of Michael Jackson as he wows all of us with his ‘Thriller’. There are more to what brings about a successful music track or album than meets the eye.

Arguably one of the most important factors that led to the success of any music artiste is his choice of a music producer. A music producer holds all the aces to what kind of music an artiste comes up with.

He is quintessentially everything to the artiste. He is the manager, the composer, the arranger, the song writer, the motivator and the coach. Behind every Michael Jackson is a Quincy Jones and behind every Celine Dion’s ‘These are special times’ is David Foster. Music producers are very important to the success of artistes and that is why good music producers are always in high demand.

What are the Qualities of a Good Music Producer?


To be a Millionaire music producer, you must possess the following characteristics:

  • Songwriting skills
  • Arranging skills
  • Instrumental skills
  • Keyboard knowledge
  • Vocal coaching skills
  • Administrative skills
  • Social skills

If you have the skills listed above, then you might just go all out to start a career being a music producer. Even if you don’t have all of the above skills too, you can still consider being one if you are ready to learn. After all, most of the skills required to be a music producer are what can be learned.

What makes a Millionaire Music Producer?

Being a music producer opens a lot of financial doors. The top music producers in the world today are very rich. However, you must understand that being a millionaire music producer is not a given. In an industry that is saturated with a lot of talented and creative minds, you must be ready to painfully and laboriously put all your efforts before you can break the ceilings and be known as a force to be reckoned with.

What you must first realize is that talent is not enough. Even if you have all the talents to be a very good music producer and your work ethics doesn’t support that talent, then you will only be one of the guys that make up the numbers while the dedicated and talented guys take all the money and accolades.

So, is your dream being the next Jay-Z or Dr. Dre? Then, here are some of the things you must learn to be successful and start raking in the millions.


You must understand that in your journey to becoming a thoroughly successful music producer, you will fail sometimes. This is why you need optimism. An optimist always foresees a very good future.

In the course of working towards whatever he wants to achieve though, there would be failures, but despite the setbacks, he would still be able to see the bigger picture and know that whatever is happening now is just a temporary stumbling block that can stop him from achieving his dreams. In your career as a record producer, you will see setbacks and failures. Some works will come out good while others won’t.

You will be castigated for what came out poor but not praised for what came out good. You must not be deterred by this. Learn to look past all of it as it would become useful to you later in your journey to becoming successful.



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This is a no brainer. Your job requires thinking out of the box to b extremely successful. You have to be very creative if you want to become the millionaire music producer.

You have to create new sounds, new beats, and new rhythms every single day. Actually you really can’t be sure of which one would take you to the limelight and that is why you have to continually come up with something new and unique.

Self Control

As a music producer, you must understand that you need to be thoroughly disciplined. Not only in this profession, but in any profession at all, self discipline is essential and it is what will determine how far you would go.

There would be times when you don’t feel like getting out of bed or even doing anything at all. You mustn’t give in to such urges. One of the most important components of every successful man is the ability to go on and do things even when you don’t feel like and this is very important in being a millionaire record producer too.

Emotional Awareness

This must be one of the best skills any successful man must have in anyone’s book. Emotional awareness gives you the understanding of your environment and how to deal with everyone. You do realize that as a music producer, you will be working with a lot of individuals of varying beliefs and culture.

You must be able to co-exist with them peacefully for your message to have a long lasting effect. Remember you are the manager of your artistes too? You must be able to understand their feelings perfectly for you to be able to influence and inspire them.

And lastly…


To Become A Millionaire Music Producer in the entertainment industry is a social industry. If you want to be successful in a social industry, you must be social. Also, you are responsible for looking for various artistes to work with your own in-house artistes, and doing this requires a lot of social skills.

You are the manager of your artistes and you represent them at various meetings and events, all of these activities require great social skills and you would do well to learn those skills now if you want to join the list of millionaire music producers.

Conclusively, being a successful music producer requires a lot of guts, hard-work, persistence, pro activeness, commitment and a lot more. If you want to be successful as one, then you need to get to work now as they don’t give things for free in this industry.

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