Why Should You Start Working In the Music Industry

Why Should You Start

Working In the

Music Industry

Music Industry

The enthusiasm we get from the music industry is often referred to as the beat of life. Music has such power and people dont even realize it. It can effect mood, mentality, and much more. 

No wonder stakeholders in the music industry rake in millions in dollars yearly doing what they know best. Creating beats that sustains life. This will definatly motivate you to take action. Allow me to take you on a roller coaster ride as we delve into the world of music.

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Why you should Start A Career in the Music Industry

There are many reasons you should get a career in the music industry.

There are so many benefits to working in the music industry. A lot of people start for the sole reason that they love music. Some are teased by their favorite stars with money and the luxury life.

In recent years, stakeholders who have contributed to the Music Industry immensely without having amazing vocals have seen an upsurge notably of which are Troy Carter, Sandy Pearlman and lot more.

A career in the Music Industry is one which can be financially rewarding aside having well defining impacts on millions of lives.


In the face of crisis, a successful career in the music industry makes you the voice of the voiceless. It also Increases your influence in bringing life changing social reforms that will impact the lives of millions of people around the world. 

The 2010 remake of Michael Jackson’s 1985 hit “We are the World” which featured over 20 hip-hop stars as well as music producers, sound engineers and other crew members recorded to garner support and funds for the Haiti earthquake survivors is a perfect example of this.

Cultural Preservation

Music’s embedded in culture of every society. The Music Industry of every society spearheads the cultural awareness and preservation of that society. This is seen in the flawless use of local dialects in music. Every society definitely has some sort of music dedicated to its culture.

Having a career in the Music Industry also gives you opportunity to learn about diverse cultures and how music affects their daily lives. In fact, certain cultures have mastered the art of cultural storytelling with music thus making it a tool for communication and voicing concerns.

It’s all about the Culture..

A career in the Music Industry is sure to give you an insight into cultures and how their storytelling ability can help shapes our lives.


Another reason why you should get a career in the Music Industry aside influencing social reforms, bridging the gap between music and culture. This impacts education. As A result adoption of nursery rhymes for teaching in schools is by no accident. Humans develop great cognitive abilities through music. No wonder it is employed in aiding young children develop memory skills.

Not only young ones benefit from the effective cognitive aids of music, adult also reap the benefit. Some adult study with mild tuned beat playing in the back ground helping them understand better. A career in the Music Industry thus gives you a shot at helping shape the lives of future leaders and also those of adults.

Emotional Connection 

French poet Victor Hugo said “Music expresses that which cannot be said and on which it is impossible to be silent”.

This is especially true in how we deal with our emotions. For every period in our lives, we associate some sort of music which aligns with our emotions.

We listen to songs that represent out current mood without even realizing it

In sad moments we tend to prefer the slow beat music to soothe our souls, for joyous time we dance to the reverberating sounds of hard rock or pop. A career in the Music Industry will see your efforts in contributing to quality tunes that caters for the emotions of people not go wasted.

Music affects everything..

Because of Impacting social reforms, leveraging the power of music on culture, and also aiding cognitive abilities in humans as well as coping with emotional stress, these are just few of the reasons why a career in the Music Industry is worthwhile and also why you should embrace it. Below are some careers in the Music Industry which you should consider pursuing.

 Careers in the Music Industry

Careers in the music industry

Music Producer:

Also known as a record producer. The nature of this job requires the producer to organize the recording sessions. Producers create the beat used in the session as well. Check here learn how to make money from beats. Famous recording producers include Quincy Jones, Kanye West and many more. 

Artist & Repertoire Director:

The AR director oversees the scouting of new talents which includes songwriters and artistes. He also organizes the budget and hires supplementary staff for the running of concerts. Famous A&R directors includes Jeff Blue, Jeremy Vuernick.

Music Director:

Similarly to A Music Producer this job entails overseeing the quality of music recorded as well as when it should be released. It is the administrative branch of career in the Music Industry. Famous music directors are Paul Shaffer and Leonard Bernstein.

Music Video Directors:

Almost all of us get excited when we see the colorful and lively music videos on the internet or our TV screens. Well the brain behind those videos are the Music Video directors. Top music videos directors includes Spike Jones as well as David Fincher.

Disc Jockey:

The principal job of a disc jockey DJ is mixing music to the delight of amused fans. The turn table is the major tool the DJ works with. DJ performs mostly in clubs as well as music festivals. Notable DJs includes Calvin Harris, Martin Garrix, Kygo and many more.

Recording Artist:

First of all this is in fact the notable job in the Music Industry. Being a recording artiste requires great singing ability and dedication. They work in hand with recording producers to produce masterpieces. Popular recording artistes are Celine Dion, Selena Gomez, Drake, Justin Bieber and many more. 

Those are just some of careers in the Music Industry, it should be further noted that some of these career need special skills i.e. disc jockey, recording artistes, music producer. For eons to come music will surely influence our society. To be among the top decision makers in this thriving industry a career in the Music Industry is inevitable.

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