Top 5 Things You Need Before Becoming A Music Producer

Top 5 Things You Need

Before Becoming A Music


5 things you need to become a music producer

Becoming a music producer might seem like the most exciting and creative job to undertake in the music industry.

As a matter of fact..

A lot of people believe music producers earn a lot more than artists. While all of this tends to be true, you shouldn’t dabble in right away. A lot more goes beneath all that glamour.

The first thing to know about becoming a music producer is having the raw talent. The right ear to dismantle the chords (knowing what music is good). The second is usually what many struggle with. Having the right business mindset for your music.

1. Get familiar with your notes

Deciphering what makes a beat better than another stems from a basic, well grounded knowledge in musical notes. Like it or not, they are the language spoken in the music industry. And if you want to relate with the best, top notch producers, you’d have to master those notes you’ve been putting off.

What instrument would you like to play? Guitar? Keyboard? Violin? Perhaps a Harp? Begin from there. Get into it. Call up your music teacher to give you lessons. There’s no denying that music is awesome.

2. Know what music you want to give

Just before you delve in, you should know what music genre you’d like to focus on. You wouldn’t want to enter halfway and get lost in it. Would you? Whether it’s hip hop, rock and roll or RnB, position yourself so that you wouldn’t have problems in the future. It’s only when you’re truly passionate about something that you can give your best. Find what you love.

3. Get familiar with your market

You want to become a music producer? Here’s what you should know. Get a good survey of the market. You can’t be shy because have to interact with people.

You’d have to go out of your way to do anything to be out there. Not necessarily big. A classic example would be hitting up with a small band down the rusty road, or joining your community’s local band and performing at a local concert every Friday night. Insignificant, is it? Not quite.

Don’t forget that the most talented producers you see now started small. When you finally decide, don’t catch yourself sitting by idly. Get out there and know what’s trending so that you can fine tune your technique to meet the needs of your prospective clients.

4. Be creative

Let’s face it. No one would like to keep hearing the same beat pattern over and over again. So be sure to get creative. Believe in yourself. Channel your energy into making a new wave.

Be intense, if there’s a need to. You’d have to summon your core skills and get that beat out. Push yourself to be different to the point that top artists would want to work with you and would be comfortable that you’d be able to deliver like they expect.

5. Be persistent

Some beats are just pure sick! That’s because the brains behind them constantly refined those beats. They didn’t come out all perfect and nice in a day.

They went through the fire, getting better as they persisted. The simple truth is that you will be rejected too many times. Strive regardless. When the time comes for you to start putting out your beats, don’t fret. Persist! That’s the only way you’d be able to progress.


2 thoughts on “Top 5 Things You Need Before Becoming A Music Producer

    1. Honestly if you’re using a DAW, you need a computer/ laptop to run it on. A mouse, keyboard and a way to hear it. That’s all you need. Then start hunting the web for free beat packs, loop kits then learn to slice up samples and make them your own. As far as the first stuff you need to start that’s it. Hope this helps!

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