The BEST advice to new producers- Producers Guide to the Universe by WhiteWalkerBeatz

In this podcast episode I interview a producer named yebeats. We talk about our struggles but also what we are doing that it working to help advance our careers in the music industry as producers.


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me [00:00:00] What’s a podcast. I really appreciate you guys tuning in today. Today I got a special guest Mr. gay beats and we’re just gonna kind of talk about produce a little bit give you all some advice on what we what we do and kind of where we went wrong stuff we would change. Just trying to help you guys out. So without further ado let’s get right into it.

ye beats [00:00:40] Also a podcast today. You got white walker beats and we are joined by Mr. Yang beats himself.

[00:00:47] You want to tell me a little bit about yourself man.

[00:00:50] Yeah. So I’m based in California. I produce music mainly beats focus on hip hop slash rap. Sixteen years old.

[00:00:59] And yes pretty young. I think I started producing when I was like. I was like. 15. I think. It’s kind of a long time ago. But that’s brilliant. But you kind of got you started in producing.

[00:01:16] Well my friends were going to make look at this track at school and I thought that I could make informed and make the bee you know get a super fire. But. I so I downloaded the demo for Ethel’s studio just because I looked up what’s a good starting software.

[00:01:37] And when you say the word.

[00:01:40] No it didn’t let me save it and like it was way harder than I expected.

[00:01:45] So we literally started like almost identical ways. I literally my friends were trying to do this track on this neighborhood that they like grew up in. I mean I’ve been friends with them for a long time so that was. I knew all the people but I didn’t live in the place so I wasn’t on the district but they were like because I talked to them about like producing a little bit. I was like That was kind of checking it out but that’s pretty it kind of started the same way.

[00:02:13] So yeah. So six team based in Cali then produced and feel like a couple of years now then.

[00:02:23] I’ve been I’ve actually been producing like a few months. Seriously you.

[00:02:28] Really only have only a few months. Yeah. That’s not long at all. No definitely I heard some your base you’re definitely making progress.

[00:02:38] Yeah I got some new stuff coming out this week so stay tuned for that just beats are like songs to like people that just beats I’m working. I’m trying to get this one artist on a track that he’s not that well-known but so he’s gaining traction pretty quick.

[00:02:55] Like local or you meet him or not. How do you meet online.

[00:03:01] Is he based out of.

[00:03:04] Let me check his Instagram.

[00:03:08] Honestly most of the artists I’ve got like I’ve got a couple I work with locally. Like two or three but honestly like all of them are all linemen.

[00:03:17] So yeah it’s like that’s a place to go if you want to call out artists. Yeah.

[00:03:25] Bass and I don’t even know where you shot them bass but he’s got he’s got some traction that’s pretty. I’m happy for you man. What. So what kind of goals you got as a producer. He turned to.

[00:03:40] What you like.

[00:03:42] My main goal my overall goal. So let me give you some background info. This artist logic. He started. He has a record company named Alisha him and then he recently changed the name to Bobby Boy Records. It’s like my goal to get signed by that record company and that’s like my large goal to get signed by him. Why that one specifically. Just because I’ve been listening to logic for a few years and producers. I always watch the B breakdown and stuff like that. And I learned so much from it so I just thought it would be like a double bass experience if I could get signed his record label and work with artists that he signed.

[00:04:28] Well yeah I maybe work of logic himself.

[00:04:30] No would be pretty live my short term goals to sell a B on beat Sirius because I haven’t done that yet. I just want to. I also want to get a placement.

[00:04:46] And yeah those are my two short term goals get a placement.

[00:04:51] I mean I do. If you work with him I mean there’s less chance right. Yeah. That’s hard up on it selling it. I mean honestly I would try. Like I mean I haven’t I’m not I’m not like the hardcore salesman on these stars or anything I just got on and not long ago but I’ve had a couple sell just from like run Instagram ads and shit. Yeah. It’s like I’ll pay you like one dollar a day. I mean some some I pay a lot more but for like the stars one I really pay like one dollar a day. And that resulted in getting like a 30 dollar self. So I mean I think I pay in the end I paid like forty five bucks for the promotion because I was going on for so long but. Then getting 30 back yes it paid off.

[00:05:34] You know you have also helped grow your account. It’s not like one thing that is promoting for money everything.

[00:05:44] Yeah for sure I’ve dropped it. I’ve got a draw. I do promotions on like I had one going on a while back it was like it was like some some.

[00:05:56] Dude on stage. I don’t even know who the artist was and it was like a crowd like jumping the music and I just overlaid my own beat and put like some filters on it and then put like words over it said like oh tired of paying for beats I’ll give you some for free. Come come Demir some.

[00:06:11] And I dropped like 50 on that but I literally got like like 30 plus artists hit me up and I’ll talk to them all the time. So I mean 150 I could definitely pay off and along the way more. That’s super dope. They took me like like 15 minutes to make. It was pretty easy. You got to have the money to spend.

[00:06:34] Well what. Well you got any kind of problems on your back right now man or what are you struggling with.

[00:06:41] So I’m struggling with one thing I really struggled with was making melodies like this year. It was really hard me to make melodies. And what I found was so when I first started I’d make my own stuff. But then I found this site called Looper man. It’s like a community. Or how did I use it all the time. They post royalty free loops. They’re like not Ruderman is to super dope and.

[00:07:12] I just started using some of their lives that I realized that my drums are getting better as I would use their samples. Just just because my melodies aren’t there doesn’t mean what drums could evolve like change. So I started sampling more and then I just really found I couldn’t take the sample. I just love like using other people’s lives and collaborating with them even if it’s like I find it Lupe back and if I get a placement I have to split the royalties and all that. I’m like fine with that.

[00:07:42] So you actually slice up the samples you just straight up throw them in or just keep them until you find one.

[00:07:48] That depends like you. If I find a short sample I usually slice it up like this kind of leak without turning slicer yet.

[00:07:56] And so that’s cool to use or I find whole lives maybe add effects on it but overall I think of it as if I’m someone else had to make that loop. So they’re also looking for the same thing. I’m looking for it just to get a place here or to use it firepit.

[00:08:15] So yeah that’s why I’m definitely roasting a lot of samples I try to. I usually try to mix them up a little bit add my own kind of flavor onto it that way like because I mean you can see on Looper man specifically you can see like how many people download that one sample. I mean if you find like a raw one that’s got like two thousand samples I mean that’s two of thousand other potential beats out on the Internet.

[00:08:38] So that’s kind of hard especially the poor. I’ll try to find some that are like they don’t have a ton of downloads but they still have like this still sounds really good.

[00:08:46] Yeah. And another problem I got right now it’s not really a problem. It’s sort of like thinking that I’m working on finding my own sound and I’m focusing that on like drums and specifically the samples I use.

[00:09:00] Oh yeah. Yeah. I like producing like tons of different genres of music but mainly like staying in the hip hop trap category. But since there’s so much out there there’s a different sub donors in that too. But just like yeah I guess for one artist forever would would it be logic or would it be. It definitely seems like that type of B.

[00:09:25] Have you checked out. Have you tried using spice. You heard about spice.

[00:09:29] I saw I share a spice count. My neighbor says pretty ominous. Yes sir. Yeah. You splice. I checked out boy one day. He’s like Drake’s main producer. One of Jake’s means producer Jay Z got a few there they’re really down.

[00:09:47] I think I got like every single one of his kicks snares and like claps I of that back. Yes good on that one. There was one on there. Not forgot the name of it. It was like it was like a bubble gum stick like the picture that whoever that was had his his kicks and claps and snares were kick in. I don’t really like the sample loops yet but his drones were kicking drums.

[00:10:15] I definitely think they’re really important to is this. You don’t have that good rhythm and good bounce. It’s not however the melody sounds you get all the notes.

[00:10:25] Yeah I think so especially today like most music. If you got like a good eight hour wait and it’s got like it almost literally it’s like a melody now with eight away.

[00:10:34] It’s not even like four songs out that are just you know eights and drums like no melody and the way it’s like taking the melody spot just carries the song you’d like singalong to ensure that it’s like it’s almost kind of sad but I mean it does sound pretty good so you gotta go with it. Now do you believe in starting out. How do you how do you make of this policy.

[00:11:02] Would you start out for free. Try. Are you trying to charge people for beads. Like do you sell studio time or what do you know.

[00:11:09] I’m definitely like a pro advocate for free. If you start now they’re starting out. I’ll definitely work anywhere. Especially like in today’s market it’s really competitive. But if you work for free and you do a good job you show that you’re outstanding. Really bringing quality to the table and working for free is definitely pro. Did you the store gets your foot in the door and it also offers like a skill set to someone that might not have a skill set. You get hired and you don’t ask for any money. It’s free work.

[00:11:51] And you’re listening to this guy Gary V a lot. And he he kind of talks about things like I don’t know if you’ve heard of him.

[00:11:59] Yeah. Gave his one of my biggest inspirations. Well one of my role models.

[00:12:03] Oh yeah. Did I listen to him like every morning almost as podcasts. Anytime I can.

[00:12:08] When I’m driving and stuff it brings it brings really good positive and quality information.

[00:12:15] People want to pursue things and find what they basically says when you start out though like your time ain’t worth shit. Which I mean is definitely facts. Yeah.

[00:12:24] So whatever you got to do to get your foot in the door. I mean if you get.

[00:12:28] Cause a lot of artists you got to know I mean you can know when to like charge some like if you don’t really want to spend your time with an artist like you don’t really think they’re going to be that good or trying to build a relationship with them. Then I would just try to charge them. But like most artists I mean I basically do everything for free right now mix and master people songs if they’re using my be like I want I want to gain something from it. But I give him the beat for free too. So they have no excuse. What’s they like. Don’t fuck with me.

[00:12:56] Yeah I definitely believe in working for free. If you’re trying to accomplish something long term and you’re trying to build relationships.

[00:13:06] You know you’re trying to. You said you’re trying to get more placements and stuff trying to sell beats. How do you think it is and you think you could use social media or how could you How could you use it to help you grow and what do you think.

[00:13:22] I definitely I I try and focus on multiple platforms. I use Instagram YouTube SoundCloud Twitter. Those are my main form and I release all my going out on there and it keeps us on all like Twitter and all of them getting back to one of my problems is like stay consistent with I’m really consistent with Instagram and YouTube but sometimes I get inconsistent with Twitter and stuff but I make sure to like do that because I have some tracks and some beats that do what that will do really good on soundcloud but won’t do really do really well on YouTube and I have tracks that do really well on Instagram and do really well on YouTube but their soundcloud or Twitter is not doing well. So it’s good to see how it’s good to see how like your followers and the people on those platforms interact in person.

[00:14:14] So that’s a clear insight. Do you post like how consistent are you with post.

[00:14:20] So my schedule for like my followers I post every Wednesday and Friday. So I did recently you saw on my YouTube it’s beats. I mean my friends we went up boxing to the soccer and complex we just organized a little brackets. I had a read. And we did boxing and I recorded the videos out there. So I’d then put my beats over it and edited it was funny I and I released on my YouTube those it pretty well. It was cool to see like you say pretty well. You mean like engagement wise or like this wise and like. People really enjoyed those videos. I’m thinking of like. Saying you definitely increase the watch time. Yeah if you have something interesting you put out and you put your music behind it. It’ll do with the.

[00:15:13] Specs. I think that’s like the hardest thing I’ve been like without an artist it’s kind of hard to be like you can’t do it like a music video without having like an artist almost. I mean you can but it’s not you can be like weird was just the beat thing I started off with that for a long time Lou and I have websites so one I used was like render forest you can put your bead on it and then it creates like a whole like. Like a.

[00:15:39] Like thing that plays along with a B and whatever it reacts to the beat. And that was pretty cool I definitely noticed a lot more engagement once I started using the people that they like seeing something along with I hear and I kind of feel it. Yeah I like my favorite part about making those YouTube videos and pleasing content is like designing a face for it like you did the thumbnail or the video content.

[00:16:05] Because it’s first of all it’s like another aspect for you to like dig into it creatively and that was your favorite. Yeah. One of my favorite moments. Yeah. I like working on like. I like working on late design. S what you’re what your video is going to look like. I think that’s a really big factor because you. That’s a huge fact. I see I see some producers on Instagram they like posts their beats like but which is the general audience. They’re like screen accordion and on their phone or something. I just do not understand how some of these people post like a literal picture and then put the bead on it and it has like a million views on YouTube like.

[00:16:50] Yeah like sign me up please. Yeah I’m just gonna start posting pics. On my wall. Another another thing I have a dude with that is so there’s this video editor I found on Instagram he like.

[00:17:04] He’s focused he made some like Playboy Hardy and Travis Scott like videos with their songs. So like you know producers make type beats like whenever I have a type B and he’s got a video for that guy I’m like.

[00:17:21] Yeah always trying to collab. That’s good. Did it out there. Yeah. So what’s your what’s your take on the direction of music like with all this. Like country rap. How do you think it’s changing. Well.

[00:17:37] I think that music’s always going to change. It’s always good shape like as time passes. Continually. Catch your app. I’m excited to see that is. You think it’ll spread and any other genres like like rap or adult definitely like a cool little. My take on music is like you look at classical music and it’s played with like violins woodwinds and all that but it’s no different from like rock music just playing with guitars.

[00:18:09] It’s just a different like it’s a different sound but same music really relates to each other so I think that’s always going to be involved with muslim.

[00:18:20] Yeah I’m definitely excited for like.

[00:18:25] Like the rap country I think it’s gonna be I mean obviously it blew up with that old town road song or whatever but he’s even doing more of now like little Nas he’s got a lot of respect for that guy he’s smart he’s very he really built his own sound if that’s what it does sound.

[00:18:44] Yeah it’s really hard to build your own sound but lot.

[00:18:47] You two when he first started he was like Yo I’m or I’m trying to do country rap music video I think his friends were probably like yeah okay okay that’s good that night Yeah well it’s hard to find your own sound these days with all this competition but if you can you definitely you definitely make it.

[00:19:09] Yeah well he got any he got any advice for other other producers or artists that are like just starting now what would you tell him.

[00:19:20] I would say make sure you like work on your music and make sure you develop your craft and collaborating with other artists and producers is another big part of it.

[00:19:33] I’d say look for working for free too yeah.

[00:19:37] One of the things I’d say is you don’t really need to have music to produce but it’s a really good thing. And. You know five basic advice.

[00:19:56] I ask. That’s good enough.

[00:19:58] I think I think definitely marketing and is like I would say today like today is present time marketing is probably like 70 percent of music honestly. I can like the more you can get it out there the more people that will see it even if it’s not the best. I mean just look at it like like the backpack kid for example. He may like the stupid dance and now he’s got millions of kids yeah because he got like he just did it the right way and marketed it the right way promoted it or whatever got rid of that and what. I mean a lot of luck plays into it too. So I don’t know it’s pretty it’s pretty crazy obviously I’m not oh I have millions of followers so I’m not an expert but I think a lot of luck is definitely as well as hard.

[00:20:45] Also another big piece of advice is stay consistent with your music in your life release because if you notice trends and like popular artists or popular YouTube hits as well they like have a certain day they release your videos or music that makes them clear consistent and they’re consistent always interacting with their fans and audience.

[00:21:09] Yeah. I mean like beauty pie posts like people is once a day like gravy.

[00:21:15] I mean he’s posted on YouTube once a day. Gary V D is a freakin.

[00:21:21] Outrage is outrageous when he posts on people’s a podcast every day. He posts YouTube every day he’s posting like three or four Instagram posts. I mean given he has a team that’s kind of like doing it all for him but like yeah content that’s all he has to do is like go in and post it and type the caption but still like.

[00:21:41] I mean shit. If you had I mean you gave up concept model too so put another good piece of advice I have is.

[00:21:50] Remember why you’re doing it. So if you’re producing you write down your goals. Yeah write down your goals know why you’re producing music and what you want to do out of it. And also don’t waste your time. So and if you realize that people don’t like to fuck with you don’t waste their time either.

[00:22:12] Yeah for sure. Yeah. So he said. What do you want. Like why are you doing it. Why am I doing it. Why are you doing it. Why do you want to get out of it. I mean so your goal is like working on logic and your life. My life.

[00:22:26] Like the main reason. Yeah yeah. So whenever I listen to music I hit songs or songs that I like. I get this feeling and it’s like a it’s generally a good feeling. So I want to make these other people like me like. Yeah that’s right. That’s what I want to do that music.

[00:22:48] I also want to see what I can actually accomplish creatively.

[00:22:53] And it’s a good start. It’s a good way to keep me busy because if I wasn’t doing music right now I’d just be playing video games all day. Thanks. Yeah. Doing dumb stuff. So it’s a good way to like keep me grounded and really later learn how to start my own business and learn how to market myself.

[00:23:14] Yeah especially with today is like without having like I mean with the Internet you can really do anything you like.

[00:23:20] You post the music he can blow up. I mean crazy how much opportunity there is.

[00:23:25] It’s a new it’s a new platform. It’s no gatekeepers.

[00:23:32] Well it was great talking to you man. It was you can find some value in my class.

[00:23:39] That’s super awesome.

[00:23:41] Yeah man I’m sure I’ll get you on a few more episodes.

[00:23:43] You’re pretty cool. Huge shout out to Mr. gay beats himself. I really appreciate you guys listening to the podcast. I’m going to start posting at least once a week and I’m trying to bring your value. I’m doing this all for you. So please please please please please leave a review subscribe to the podcast. I really appreciate it. Much love guys.

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